Southern SIG Calendar

 Southern Arizona

It was good to hear from many of you while attending the Annual/National ENA conference in Los Angeles- it is looking like the 2017 event in ST Louis will shape up as terrific for educational content and networking options. A number of colleagues have preregistered while onsite in LA, but you can also access the very early bird registration fee of $580.00 on the website, you can pay in full or just place a $100.00 deposit to lock in the price. This low fee is till late DEC, check the website for more details.

A summary of the resolutions- GA16-01-Recognition for International Military Members was adopted, GA16-02 Trending Effects of Marijuana- was adopted, GA16-03 Education in Care of Behavioral Health Patients was adopted, GA16-04 Standardizing Handoff Reports- was voted down after a lengthy discussion of efforts and failures from numerous other states, GA 1605 Proposal to Amend Bylaws was sent for additional revisions, GA16-06- Handguns was again this year defeated but the assembly did have discussion open among all the delegate for over 2 hours to invite feedback, concerns, etc. both as a personal issue and professional one. The discussions were lively and much information was gleaned.

Educational offerings currently available:

-04/21/2017- AZ ENA Hot Topic’s- see the save the date flyer attached

-11/11-12/2016- SO AZ Stroke Conference- see attached brochure

-11/3-4/2016- EPICC will be missed as they have canceled the offering, attemps are underway to get something organized to replace it.

-10/14/2016-Burn Conference- free!!!!


Upcoming Meetings:

AZ ENA State Council- Nov 4 in Phoenix, State will be sending out an email with the location shortly.

At this time, we will cancel our November meeting and look forward to one in Mid-Jan with an educational presentation- date will be sent as soon as place and speaker are confirmed.

Upcoming Needs:

Members interested in running for offices- 01/2018- both the President and Secretary positions will open, consider the opportunity and work along side the current officers for the 2017 year.Please on behalf of the SO AZ ENA SIG leadership have a special and important Emergency Nurses Week  10/09-10/15, and know you are all thought of and appreciated for all your work on behalf of the patients, our communities and our profession!!

Thank you for all you do!!




– as we approach the close of 2016, and look forward to scheduling next year’s (2017) meetings, I would like to accommodate as many members as I can,

so please let me know which of the following works best in your life. We will schedule sites south of Casa Grande and dates based upon the most responses received.


The plan is for quarterly dates- so please identify one date in each quarter which might work best for you:

1st Quarter: Jan 9,10, or 12; Feb 13, 14, 15, 16

2nd Quarter: Apr 10, 11, 12; May 22, 23, 24

3rd Quarter: Aug 14, 15, 16; Sept 5,6,7.

4th Quarter: need to be determined as the year progresses.