Government Affairs 2018– updated June 11th

Update June 11, 2018   from Rita Anderson:

Did you know that most elections are won during primary voting? The Arizona primary occurs on August 28th this year and early ballots will be mailed on August 1st. This year four nurses are running for state legislative seats and one nurse is running for Congress!

At the State level:

Do you live in District #6 (Flagstaff, Coconino County, Pine)? Felicia French RN is running for State Representative (DEM)

Do you live in District #17 (Chandler, Gilbert, Sun Lakes)? Julie Willoughby RN is running for State Representative (REP)

Do you live in District #22 (Peoria, northwest Phoenix, Surprise)? Kellie Engen RN is running for State Representative (REP)

Do you live in District #24 (Phoenix)? Denise Link RN is running for State Representative (DEM)

At the Federal level;

Do you live in AZ Congressional District #6 (parts of Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Chandler)? She is running for Congress (DEM).

Primary day is August 28th. If you are registered as an Independent, this year you CAN vote in the primary elections. You can go to any polling site and request a party ballot -either party. You can also request an early ballot from the County Recorder’s office. Please get out and vote on August 28th or send in your early ballot. If you live in one of the above districts, check out the websites and offer your help.



2018 Government Affairs  by Rita Anderson , Government Affairs Chair

As the session opens, I will review bills weekly and identify those that relate to emergency care issues and emergency nursing practice. If there is a bill that you become aware of and you are looking for support, please bring it to my attention. We can also request assistance from our national organization to track bills with us. AZENA also collaborates with other organizations on legislative issues, including AzNA, AZ ACEP, trauma and pediatric associations, highway and traffic safety organizations and injury prevention groups.

At our strategic planning meeting, I presented my goals to the board of Directors. I am committed to reviewing bills on a regular basis during the legislative session, continuing newsletter articles on advocacy issues and mentoring an AZENA member to take on the role of Advocacy Committee Chair. This year, the Board hopes to send three members to ENA Day on the Hill, May 8th & 9th, 2018. A new goal for 2018 is to become more active in updating the Advocacy section of the website, particularly during the legislative session. This year I hope to form a more collaborative relationship with AZ ACEP Government Affairs.

As an organization, we stand for safe practice and safe care for our patients, our colleagues and ourselves. It is imperative that we are watchful of any one person or organization that attempts to interfere with this goal. Our advocacy efforts help us provide the best emergency care possible and we owe it to ourselves and our practice to stay vigilant. I urge you to contact AZENA with your issues and concerns. Our Executive Board and many of our Board of Directors are registered Lobbyists for AZENA and can speak to a legislator for the organization. Our national organization has a program entitled EN411. Members can join and be matched with their federal representative as a communicator for ENA issues. The commitment is light and this is an excellent way to “get your feet wet” in the advocacy role. Please contact me if you are interested or would like more information. I am happy to mentor you on this journey. On the ENA website Government Affairs Section, under Advocacy, Take Action, you will find both the EN411 information and a section that helps you find your federal and state legislators and their information. The first step in getting involved is the hardest, but I assure you that AZENA is here to help you with every step.

I look forward to hearing from membership and seeing you at our day at the Capitol


January 25, 2017 Arizona ENA Lobby Day partnering with Distracted Driving Summit at the Capitol:  AZENA members representing emergency nurses . Noreen Letts, Susan Kinkade, John Fraleigh, Ginny Orcutt, (AZENA President), Rita Anderson (Advocacy Committee Chair)





On February 25th, 2016 AZENA state President, Ginny Orcutt and Government Affairs/Advocacy Chair, Rita Anderson visited with Arizona legislators at the state Capitol.  Ginny and Rita are designated AZENA lobbyists and are happy to “show you the ropes”. They can assist you in signing up for the AZ legislature ALIS system that will allow you to comment on bills before a committee from your own computer (where ever you may be!).

leg day 2016 legislative day 2016

One of the  goals for AZENA Government Affairs is an increased media involvement. The national ENA website makes media contact easy. Go to the Government and Advocacy section on the left side of the main ENA website page and click on the Legislative Action Center. Click on the Media Guide, enter your zip code and information on national and local print media, radio and television will appear.

I look forward to working with you this year and are grateful for your support.

All of us welcome your questions and concerns.