Do you know a CEN® or CPEN® nurse  or an organization  that rises to every occasion and shines in every situation in the promotion of specialty certification?

Give them the recognition they deserve!

Challenging situations are woven into every emergency nurse’s daily routine.

Certified nurses represent the best of the best – superlative knowledge, expertise and professionalism – which empowers them to deliver better outcomes for the patients they serve.

It’s time, once again, to recognize the exceptional nurses and organizations who serve as the living, breathing embodiment of the value and benefits of certification.

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • Distinguished CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse)
  • Distinguished CPEN (Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse)
  • Honorary Certification Recognition – Small Organization
  • Honorary Certification Recognition – Large Organization

Our honored nurses will rise and shine this year, as they’re honored at the BCEN Certification Recognition Breakfast at Emergency Nursing 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA, on September 28.

CEN and CPEN nomination instructions are available online, as well as the instructions for organization award nominations.

Please submit your nominations (for your organization, yourself, or another nurse) no later than July 31 by email to:

BCEN at BCEN@bcencertifications.org | Subject line: Distinguished CEN or CPEN Award OR BCEN Honorary Award

By mail or fax: Distinguished CEN or CPEN Award OR BCEN Honorary Award | BCEN | 1900 Spring Road, Suite 501 | Oak Brook, IL 60523 | Fax: (630) 596-8250

NEXT Membership Meeting 2018 schedule

Future Calendar:

September 7th — Yavapai Regional Medical Center ( West Campus) in  Prescott AZ  

Special  thanks to Judy Seesholtz  who assisted with site confirmation and room reservations

Questions:   contact president@azena.org

November 9th  4:30pm- 7 pm  @ Honor Health Deer Valley

19841 N 27th avenue Room 400

Phoenix, Arizona  85027

TOPIC:  STOP the Bleed course

questions?  president@azena.org

From Our 2018 (2019) President-Elect

AZENA members and their colleagues do amazing thing every day. Presence and activity  at work, along with outreach in the community and neighborhoods allows our organization and specialty of nursing  to shine. Thank you for all you do.

Continuing  Chairs have been asked to brainstorm and bring committee goals for 2019- a blast was sent out recently to announce to all members the opportunity for involvement as committee and some limited chairs with hope that we can add some fresh faces sustaining our professional organization.  Interested members should contact Charlann at webmaster@azena.org by Oct 1.   New Chair’s will need to attend the strategic planning committee in Phoenix October 19th in person.



2017 Arizona State Council ENA Board

President:  Ginny Orcutt

Secretary/Treasurer:  Lori Vandersloot

Education: Diana Ringer

  • HOT Topics Conference Co-Chairs: Victoria Duran and Maureen Creegan

Pediatric  Chair:  Tiffiny Strever

  •  ENPC Registar- Nancy Denke

Trauma Chair:  David Lopez

  •   TNCC  Registar  -Rachel Garner

Media/Newsletter Chair:  Tomi St. Mars

IQSIP:  Joanne Navarroli

Membership Chair/Co-Chair: Susan Kinkade

Past President/Government Affairs – Rita Anderson

Fundraising- Shannon Dunn

Practice & Research:  Shari Rybak

Northern SIG President: Catherine Skulley

Southern SIG President: Maureen O’Reilly Creegan

Webmaster:  Charlann Staab

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