Summer Note from Our State President.

Even though it is the beginning of Summer, it is a busy time for AZENA council members. Here are a few things going on:

  • Delegate selection for National ENA is complete
  • Resolution discussion has started
  • Travel plans are in full swing

Election Cycle for AZENA:  it is election year for for President -elect and Secretary on the state Board.  In accordance with procedures, the Past President shall solicit, verify and publish a slate of candidates for State Officers in an official publication.  In Arizona that is “Vital Signs”.  Job descriptions and bylaws are  on this website for review of candidate requirements.

Thank you to Shannon Dunn!  Shannon is working on a Papa Jay Pizza Promotion for fundraising– more to come for this July 20-23rd fundraiser.  Posting on FACEBOOK

Don’t forget to forward newsletter submissions to Tomi by July 15th

I’ll have limited WiFi availability from Jul1-July 6th—- HAPPY AND SAFE JULY 4TH to all.


National Opportunity

National ENA is gearing up for a TNCC program revision work committee.  Applications are due by February 6th.  If you are a TNCC instructor this may be your opportunity to shape future courses.   contact course ops at National or check out

From Our 2017 AzENA President

AZENA members and their colleagues do amazing thing every day. Presence and activity  at work, along with outreach in the community and neighborhoods allows our organization and specialty of nursing  to shine. Thank you for all you do.

May you have peace in your heart and joy in your heart as we serve our patient population and their families this holiday season and into the new year.

You are important and your work is far reaching. Get involved, let your voice be heard!. Hope to see you at a state meeting in 2017



Ginny Orcutt for information or questions

Business meeting starts 1645 / Education 1800 hours a  light meal available w/ meeting

August 18th-  Prescott  Yavapai Regional hosting.   enter thru main door and follow signs

call in#  1-877-820-7831

November 3- TBD

2017 Archive meetings:

Jan 20 Tucson:   Banner University Medical Center- Tucson     Agenda:  Membership agenda 012017[203]

2017 Arizona State Council ENA Board

President:  Ginny Orcutt

Secretary/Treasurer:  Lori Vandersloot

Education: Diana Ringer

  • HOT Topics Conference Co-Chairs: Victoria Duran and Maureen Creegan

Pediatric  Chair:  Tiffiny Strever

  •  ENPC Registar- Nancy Denke

Trauma Chair:  David Lopez

  •   TNCC  Registar  -Rachel Garner

Media/Newsletter Chair:  Tomi St. Mars

IQSIP:  Joanne Navarroli

Membership Chair/Co-Chair: Susan Kinkade

Past President/Government Affairs – Rita Anderson

Fundraising- Shannon Dunn

Practice & Research:  Shari Rybak

Northern SIG President: Catherine Skulley

Southern SIG President: Maureen O’Reilly Creegan

Webmaster:  Charlann Staab

Vital Signs Edition Now Available

Check out the link to the newest edition of Vitals Signs!



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