AZ ENA 2016 Delegates to Los Angeles Meeting

Congrats!  2016 AZENA delegates representing AZENA membership at General Assembly September 13-15th.

2015-2016 President: Ginny Orcutt-   2017 President Elect: Lisa Destrampe-McCarthy, Treasurer- Lori Vandersloot, member reps:  Rita Anderson, Maureen Creegan-O’Reilly  Charlann Staab, Tomi St. Mars, Joanne Navarroli, Vicki Duran, Wendy Cartier, Barbara Bray, Susan Kinkade, Sandy Michie, Holly Poteet and Shannon Dunn!


Announcing HOT TOPICS 2017


Location : Central AZ in Phoenix at the Desert Willow Conference Center

Date:  April 21,  2017  planning in progress!!   save-the-date-hot-topics-2017

Thanks to everyone that attended the 2016 HOT TOPICS!

Always looking for speakers for the Next HOT TOPICS!  please send a note to the Education Committee if you know of a topic and speaker of interest.  send ideas to:





2016 Arizona State Council ENA Board

Immediate Past President:  Rita Anderson

President  Ginny Orcutt

Secretary/Treasurer:  Lori Vandersloot

Pediatric  Chair: Janet Tully

  •  ENPC Registar- Nancy Denke

Trauma Chair:  Charlann Staab

  •   TNCC  Registar  -Rachel Garner

Education:  open position- contact Ginny for information

  • HOT Topics Conference Co-Chairs:  Victoria Duran and Maureen Creegan

Media/Newsletter Chair:  Tomi St. Mars

IQSIP:  Joanne Navarolli

Membership Chair/Co-Chair:  Barbara Bray  & Wendy Cartier

Practice & Research:  Lisa Destrampe- McCarthy

Northern SIG President: Cathy Skulley

Southern SIG President: Maureen Creegan

Webmaster:  Charlann Staab